Line Bundles

Save on calling costs by converting your phone line to a Line Bundle. This attaches a bundle of minutes to individual phone lines or extensions on your account.

At Aircall we believe in creating plans and bundles which are flexible and work for home and business customers regardless of size.

Rather than trying to create fixed bundle sizes we let you customise your plan by adding exactly what you need to your account one phone at a time.

Our minute bundles are designed to be useful and to reflect how people use their phones today - so we include calls to New Zealand and Australian landline and mobile numbers. Bundles also include around 75 international destinations.


Line Bundle Pricing

Bundled minutes do not rollover to the next monthly bill cycle. Larger plans are available in the Aircall portal or on request.
Extension to Extension (On-net) calls and all Incoming calls are free of charge with the exception of calls into Toll Free numbers.
* Minutes include those countries listed in our bundled country minutes page and are subject to change.
** If you wish to share minutes across all lines or extensions on your account then your best option is to add Cloud Lines and add an Account Bundle.